Unpleasant situations

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Social problems also go hand in hand with problems with a residual prostate. Any man who has ever suffered an enlarged prostate gland in his life can confirm that the sensation of continuous burning forced him several times in a short while to attend the toilet, plus a minimum chance of relief. In particular, it makes great trouble in society, because the constant discharge to the toilet is very unpleasant, and it puts the man in unenviable positions.
Lack of sleep
Problems with an enlarged prostate gland mean many men and trouble sleeping. Especially at night, Lords are troubled by the painful pain and the compulsive need to go to urinate, and therefore, several times a night they are forced to rise, to walk to the toilet and there (often to no avail) to try to relieve themselves. But the enlarged prostate is problematic precisely because it does not give men the slightest chance of relief, and in most cases it will get the man to the Doctor.