Let the children be fine

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There should be no quality and new baby beds in any children's room. Whether you choose the solution in the form of bunk beds, especially if you need to save space or just single beds, there is definitely no storage space for any bed. Children can easily store their duvet covers and pillows every day, so keep your room tidy. The bunk bed is not a pleasant sight for the incoming, but few children have the desire to get a nice day. And storage space is a great solution in this case. Cleaning is only a few seconds and the change in the room will be noticeable at first glance.

Diana Palanda
This is the category, i.e. children's beds with storage space, and the beautiful bunk bed, which bears the name of the goddess of hunting, Diana. This bed is made of pine wood, as is the number of other beds in our offer. It includes the already mentioned storage space, which is certainly always suitable in the children's room. Whether bedding or anything else will be stored in it. You can also order this bed with us on installments, so you don't have to save it for a long while.